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Implicit Association Test Checkpoint I chose to take the African American – European American IAT and found that it suggested that I have “a slight automatic preference for European Americans compared to African Americans.” I feel that this is a valid result in my case due to the fact that I am of the European American group so to speak. I am a Caucasian American and I feel that most people are more comfortable and do prefer to be around people that are somewhat like themselves. I understand that this does open up the discussion of prejudice or discrimination, but this seems to be true in every race of people as a whole. The difference between discrimination and prejudice is that prejudice relates to the irrational generalization about a whole group or category of people without having any direct evidence to support holding an inflexible attitude toward the people in that group whereas discrimination is a matter of action. Discrimination is an action and prejudice is an attitude. Prejudice is usually
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