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Notes for GEO 143

Notes for GEO 143 - Basic Concepts Definitions 1 Absolute...

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Basic Concepts Definitions 1) Absolute Location: The position or place of a certain parcel on the surface of the earth expressed in degrees & minutes of latitude and longitude 2) Relative Location: The regional position of a place relative to the position of other places. Distance – Accessibility – Connectivity are key 3) Site : The internal locational attributes of a place, including its local spatial organization and physical setting. The site of Parkland College is in NW Champaign, IL. 4) Situation : The external locational attributes of a place, its relative location or regional position with reference to other non-local places. The situation of Champaign, Illinois is about 125 miles SW of the southern tip of Lake Michigan 5) Spatial Economy Components: a. Primary Activity : The direct extraction of natural resources from the environment. Examples are agriculture, fishing, lumber, and mining b. Secondary Activity : The processing of raw materials into finished products. (E.g.: Manufacturing) c. Tertiary Activity : The service sector. Banking, education,
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