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Middle America - Book Notes - I. The Regions a. Middle...

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I. The Regions a. Middle America has four distinct regions: i. 1) Mexico 1. Largest part of Mid Amer. 2. Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) at the North 3. Yields to Central America @ SE ii. 2) Central America 1. 7 Republics (Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) iii. 3) Greater Antilles 1. 4 large island of Northern Caribbean sea (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico) a. Hispaniola = Haiti + Dominican Republic iv. 4) Lesser Antilles 1. Extensive arc of smaller islands from Virgin Islands to the Netherlands Antilles (near Venezuela) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- PHYSIOGRAPHY I. A Land Bridge a. Central America = Land bridge between N/S America i. 2 Major Mountain Chains ii. 1 Interior plateau II. Island Chains a. ~7000 islands in Caribbean sea from Cuba and Bahamas east and south to Trinidad b. “The entire Antillean archipelago (island chain) consists of the crests and tops of mountain chains that rise form the floor of the Caribbean, the result of collisions between the Caribbean plate and its neighbors” (Pg 210).
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c. Dangers: Active volcanoes, earthquakes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- LEGACY OF MESOAMERICA - Mainland Middle America = location of world’s culture hearths (source area from which new ideas radiated and whose population could expand science/intellect/progress) - Mesoamerica : Extended SE from present day Mexico City to central Nicaragua o Allowed for development of Maya civilization I. The Lowland Maya a. Maya Civilization i. Only major culture hearth that developed in lowland tropics ii. Reached its zenith from 3 rd to 10 th centuries A.D. iii.
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Middle America - Book Notes - I. The Regions a. Middle...

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