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Middle America Definitions

Middle America Definitions - Middle America Definitions 1...

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Middle America Definitions 1) Land Bridge : A relatively low-lying strip of land that connects two larger landmasses. The mainland of Middle America is a land bridge between North/South America 2) Isthmus : An isthmus is similar to a land bridge, but usually shorter in length and narrower in width. Panama = Isthmus. 3) Mesoamerica : Anthropological label for the Middle American culture hearth 4) Environmental Determinism : The view that the natural environment has a controlling influence over various aspects of human life, including cultural development. Ellsworth Huntington was a leading proponent of this concept Human progress results from 1) climate, 2) heredity, and 3) culture 5) Mexica Empire : The name that the Aztecs gave to the domain over which they ruled. Aztec authority was exercised in the north-central mainland of Middle America. 6) Cultural Hearth : A source area or innovation center from which cultural traditions are diffused. 7) Placering : A process of ‘washing’ gold from streams carrying gold dust and nuggets. The Spanish first introduced this process to the new World in the early 1500’s 8) Greater Antilles : The larger islands of the northern Caribbean: 1) Cuba, 2) Hispaniola, 3) Puerto Rico and 4) Jamaica. Dominican Republic and Haiti comprise Hispaniola 9) Lesser Antilles : The smaller islands which arc across the eastern Caribbean, stretching southward from the Virgin Islands to Trinidad.
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