South America - Definitions

South America - Definitions - AGRICULTURE – The...

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Unformatted text preview: AGRICULTURE – The purposeful tending of crops and livestock COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURE – The selling for profit of crop and livestock surpluses SUBSISTENCE AGRICULTURE – Laboring most of the time for food, clothing, and shelter to survive. ‘Living from the land’. ALTIPLANO – High elevation plateau or basin between even higher mountain ranges. Altiplanos in the Andes are often at elevations exceeding 10,000 feet. PAPAL LINE – The line mediated by Pope Alexander VI and codified in the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494). All South American territory east of 50 ° W. longitude belonged to Portugal and all land to the west of 50 ° W longitude was to be part of Spain. MODEL OF LATIN AMERICAN CITY – The Griffin-Ford generalized concept of the Middle and South American intraurban spatial structure. A composite of radial sectors and Concentric zones, this model includes the: 1 Central Business District 2 Commercial/Industrial Area 3 Elite Residential Sector 4 Zone of Maturity 5 Zone of In Situ Accretion 6 Zone of Peripheral Squatter Settlements...
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  • Summer '09
  • Harshbarger
  • South American, South American city, surpluses SUBSISTENCE AGRICULTURE, northeastern Brazil FAVELAS, eastern Peru OPEC

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South America - Definitions - AGRICULTURE – The...

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