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Cultural Geography (Discuss 2 of 4 of the numbered) >> 2. What are Augelli's five cultural spheres and are any of these spheres similar to his Mainland-Rimland concept? - Augelli’s five cultural spheres include the Tropical-plantation, European- commercial, Amerind-subsistence, Mestizo-transitional, and the undifferentiated. Of these cultural spheres, the undifferentiated subregion of South America most resembles the Mainland subregion of Middle America, in that subsistence farming and isolation are prevalent. Additionally, the tropical-plantation subregion of South America are coastal regions, allowing for high accessibility via the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans which mirrors the Rimland region of Middle America. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 3. What are the three physiographic/cultural areas in Peru? - The three physiographic (or cultural) areas of Peru comprises of three regions. They include the desert coast, the Andean highlands (or ‘Sierra’), and the eastern slopes. The desert coast encompasses Lima, Peru’s capital, and its port, Callao. The Spaniard’s development of desert coast of the Pacific Ocean resulted in the economical success of the region. The ‘Sierra’ region “occupies about one-third of the country and is the ancestral home of the largest component in the total population” (263). The Amerindian people who live here make up more than half of the population of Peru. Finally, the eastern slopes or the ‘Oriente,’ is the most isolated of the subregion. The city of Iquitos defines the East, serving as a host for Peru’s desire to grow and open up the eastern interior. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Economic Geography (Discuss 2 of 5 of the numbered items) >> 2. Name the Guiana's. What mineral resources are associated with each of the Guiana's? - The three Guiana’s include Suriname, French Guiana, and Guyana. Suriname’s leading “income-producer” is bauxite (aluminum ore), which is mined in the middle area of the country. Gold serves as French Guiana’s most valuable export while gold and plantation crops are important to Suriname’s economy. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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South America - Online Discussion Questions - Cultural...

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