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Subsaharan Africa - Definitions - Subsaharan Definitions:...

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Subsaharan Definitions: 1) Language Family : A linguistic classification: languages believed to have a shared origin are grouped into a family. Closer relationships are placed into subfamilies 2) Race : A non-cultural term, referring to physical features of a given population group 3) Rift Valley : Geologic trenches formed when huge parallel cracks or faults occur in the earth’s crust, causing in-between strips of land to sink and form extensive linear valleys 4) Great Escarpment : The edge of the African plateau that forms a steep cliff, hundreds of miles in length, stretching north from southern Africa to Tanzania, on the Indian coast, and as far as the DRC (former Zaire), on the Atlantic 5) Continental Drift : The hypothesis underlying the formation of separate continents. In this instance, the drift refers to the formation of Africa’s physiography and hydrography. Africa occupied the heart of Gondwana (Pangeae’s southern part) and its physical geography is still shaped by this geologic functioning as the core-shield 6) Epidemic Disease : A disease that spread regionally and affects a great number of people
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Subsaharan Africa - Definitions - Subsaharan Definitions:...

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