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Subsaharan Africa - Online Discussion Questions

Subsaharan Africa - Online Discussion Questions - Please...

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Please discuss at least one significant aspect about ten (10) of the following twenty-five (25) countries = Select two (2) countries in each subregion 1. Southern Africa: > Angola, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe o Angola, a former Portuguese colony, once bolstered a thriving economy backed by mineral and agricultural exports before the Cold War and during the time of its independence in 1975. A schism in the political views between the communist northern and rebellious southern Angolans brought disaster, devastating the infrastructure, killing hundreds of thousands, and leaving a deposit of landmines that continue to kill and maim. However, Angola has the potential to overcome its history, as oil and diamond mines are key to returning Angola to relative prosperity. o Zambia serves as an idea for can be achieved with so little as an African country. Despite a grueling economy, Zambia has maintained a level of stability when its neighbors capitulated to war, violence and greed. In recent years, Zambia has experienced a real global domestic product (GDP) growth of about 6% per year, due to high copper prices and refugee tobacco farmers from Zimbabwe. Zambia’s privatized copper mines have steadily increased output and the sector has returned to profitability due to the privatization of the mines. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2. East Africa: > Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda o Tanzania is the biggest and most populous country East African country with a population totaling 39.8 million. Unlike other African countries,
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