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E Asia-SE Asia Definitions - East Asia(China Definitions 1...

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East Asia (China) Definitions 1) Rostow Economic Growth Model : A five (5) stage framework based on the progressive use of technology into a national economy. The stages are: 1) traditional society, 2) preconditions for takeoff, 3) takeoff, 4) drive to maturity, and 5) high mass consumption. A 6 th stage suggest as being post- industrialism 2) Pinyin System : The standard form of Chinese established by its government in 1958, and based on the pronunciation of the language in northern China 3) Four Modernizations Program: The ongoing development program, originally devised by Zhou Enlai in 1964, and implemented by the post- Mao leadership in the late 1970’s. This program focused on the rapid growth of industry , defense , science , and agriculture . 4) People of Han : Most ethnic Chinese refer to themselves as the people of Han, the period in Chinese history, 207 B.C. to A.D. 220, that is considered the formative era of traditional culture. 5) Manchuria: The foreign term for Northeast China that the Chinese do not recognize. The Chinese refer to this area s Dongbei. The provinces of: Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning are contained within Dongbei. 6) Manchukuo: The Japanese name for Manchuria. The Japanese occupied Northeast China, 1932-1945 7) Extraterritoriality : A legal concept that maintains that property of one state, lying within the boundaries of another, actually forms an extension of the first state. Examples, regarding the application of this principle, are Xianggang (Hong Kong) and Macao 8) The Long March: Year-long exodus of the Communists, who were drive out of China Proper in 1934 by the Nationalists, through the difficult Chinese interior. From their refuge in the mountains, the Communists were able to consolidate their resources and gain sufficient strength to emerge again in the 1940’s, defeating the Nationalists in 1949. 9)
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E Asia-SE Asia Definitions - East Asia(China Definitions 1...

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