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Southeast Asia Online Discussion - From the East Asia Study...

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From the East Asia Study Guide's Cultural Geography Section, please discuss: 1) China’s population exceeded one billion inhabitants in 1982. 2) Southern China is a world apart from northern China. Southern China incorporates the majority of the Pacific Rim economies along China’s southeastern coasts. In addition, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ), the Macau Special Economic Zone, Hong Kong, and other SEZ’s along China’s coast form the economic powerhouse of China’s economy. Meanwhile, northern China lacks the speed of economic growth and prosperity blessed upon southern China. Development is being undertaken in the Northeast China Plain, based on minerals, manufacturing and potential oil reserves. The North China Plain is dedicated for farmland, centered around the Huang He River Basin. 3) China’s Sorrow refers to the Huang He River and its unpredictable and violent flooding. Between 1887 and 1943, over 10 million people drowned or died due to famine caused by the flooding of the Huang He, which has proven to be nearly impossible to control even with levees and dams. The source for the Huang He River’s destruction is due to loess , a fertile, windblown deposit composed of rock pulverized by glaciers. Loess ’ fine-dust like quality is blown from the Gobi Desert to the Huang He River Delta. Here, rains carry it into the river, where it adds as sediment at the bottom of the river. The loess makes the river bottom increase in height, therefore increasing the height of the river’s waters. Due to this, levees had to constantly
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Southeast Asia Online Discussion - From the East Asia Study...

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