Global History response #4

Global History response #4 - • Captured field brass guns...

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Thu, Mar 11, 2010 -- HIST_104_200_9794_102 : Response Paper #4 Using at least three sources from Chapters 7 and 8 of Reilly, discuss how industrialization in Great Britain and Western Europe contributed to a transformation of economic and social relationships, both within Europe and in other parts of the world. England cotton textile mills 18 th c demand capitalist Capitalism-those societies whose markets, merchants, money and private ownership became central to the way society operated Trade based economy to a manufacturing based economy enormous increase in productivity, profits and prosperity Article 41 Pg. 230 18 th c India influenced the European textile trade Provided raw materials like cotton and indigo dye Function as a market for British goods British could bring in free trade to India Their textile industry, iron production and shipbuilding were eroded by cheap imports from Britain and by handicaps placed on Indian merchant 1850, India-first cotton mill opened
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Unformatted text preview: • Captured field brass guns from India were often taken over for use by the British. India had been making these since the 16 th C and Europeans could at first only produce this alloy in relativcely small quantities because they had no technique for smelting zinc. (231) • 18 th C it was being produced in large quantities in Europe-brass canon, guns importing the metallic zinc from China • British in 1797 visited china learned some zinc smelting method (232) • Pg 231-1806 rockets in Britain which were originally from 1790 India • They were manufactured in Britain and were manufactured to India lol • 18 th C Asia’s design of farm implements interested Europeans (seed drills and ploughs) Dutch- winnowing machines (233) • Chinese bridge construction (suspension of Bridges America 1801 Article 42 • Merchantilism-gov’t supervision of the economy • Free trade will produce...
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Global History response #4 - • Captured field brass guns...

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