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This Project Will Not Be Accepted Late California State Polytechnic University, Pomona CIS305 Database Design and Development Dr. Preiser S ‘10 Project #1 (30 points) Case Study in Logical Database Design Due Date: see course schedule The objective of Project 1 is to develop a data model describing the transaction processing system of Independent Bank and Loan (IBA). IBA is a small B&L founded at the time of the economic turmoil in the financial services industry. IBA is one of the many financial institutions whose mission is to help the community by providing loans and other financial services. The board of directors, which consists mostly of prominent people from the community, strives to provide value and good customer service. Effective, robust, non-redundant and flexible database is one of the many means needed to achieve these goals. Management team needs to keep track of which branch is doing the most transactions so that they may know how to allocate the available employees to the necessary locations. They also need an accurate, up-to-date, reliable database to monitor the loan department to see which type of loans customers are looking for in order to better allocate the necessary funds. Finally, they need to be able to provide their members with detailed account statements to maintain high customer satisfaction. You were hired by the IBA as a consultant to design a financial transactions database for the company. After interviewing B&L’s manager, supervisors, and tellers, as well as reviewing existing financial documents and reports, you have determined that the initial entities for your model are branch, employee, transaction, account, employee certification. Initial Entities Entities: Branch branchId address cityName zipCode Employee employeeId employeeName employeeType Employee Certification certificateId certificateTitle Account accountNumber balance Transaction transactionId transactionDate transactionAmount transactionCategoryDescription transactionCategoryId 1 certificateDate
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This Project Will Not Be Accepted Late There are also two sample reports (user views) that need to be analyzed and included on your final data model. Reports
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Project_1 - This Project Will Not Be Accepted Late CIS305 S...

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