dclab - DC Circuits Name: _ Name: _ Name: _ Date: _ Lab...

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DC Circuits Name: ____________________________ Date: ______________ Name: ____________________________ Lab Sect.: __________ Name: ____________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________ Unplug the batteries anytime you’re not taking a measurement. Before starting the lab, check that both bulbs are screwed into the sockets. Lab Activity 1: A single-loop circuit and resistors in series Q1. Draw a clear circuit diagram that represents this circuit, and include the labels A–H at the appropriate locations in your diagram. Each light bulb can be simply viewed as a resistor. Your circuit should indicate the polarity (+/−) for each battery as well as a direction for the current in your circuit. In your diagram, remember to take into account that the batteries are not ideal and have some unknown internal resistance. A B C D E F G H
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Now, actually set up the circuit depicted above with the equipment provided to you, but leave one of the leads to a battery disconnected ( i.e. , do not complete the circuit yet). Q2. Use the digital multimeter (DMM) to measure the following quantities: The voltage differences V C V B and V A V H between the + and − terminals of each battery. In order to use the DMM to correctly measure the sign of the quantity V C V B , for example, connect the "COM" or "ground" (black) probe of the meter to point B and the positive (red) terminal of the meter to point C.
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dclab - DC Circuits Name: _ Name: _ Name: _ Date: _ Lab...

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