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Electric Fields and Superposition Name: ____________________________ Date: ______________ Name: ____________________________ Lab Sect.: __________ Name: ____________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________ Lab Activity 1: Electric Field From A Collection of Point Charges ( Warning : If you are using the lab template, you will need to save your figures to the desktop and then insert them into your lab report. Cutting and pasting from the EMField program can result in an error and a loss of any unsaved work! You can use Alt + Print Screen to copy an image of EMField to the Clipboard.) Q1. Suppose an electron (q e = – 1.602 × 10 –19 C) were released from rest from positions A, B and C. Using EMField , figure out the direction and relative magnitude of the electric field at points A, B, and C. Then, find the instantaneous force experienced by an electron if it were released from rest from positions A, B and C. In the figure above, draw vectors that represent these forces, with the lengths drawn proportional to the magnitudes. (Keep in mind that an electric field of 1 N / C gives the force on a +1 C charge.) Q2. Creative exercise: Discuss below how you would answer this question without resorting to the software program. Think about exploiting any symmetry that you see in the problem.
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Electric_Fields_and_Superposition-Template - Electric...

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