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Magnetic Fields and Electric Current Name: Jordon Weber Date: 4/5/10 Name: ____________________________ Lab Sect: 02 Name: ____________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________ Lab Activity 1: Measuring the charge-to-mass ratio for electrons Accelerating voltage V : 200 V Q1. Why do the electrons follow a circular path when current flows through the Helmholtz coil? The helmoltz coil exerts a force on the electrons in the form of magnetic field (either into or out of the box). This magnetic field creates a force perpendicular to the field and the velocity of the electrons making them arc into a circle. Q2. Record (in the table below) the current I through the Helmholtz coils and the diameter d of the circular electron path. Make sure that you convert the diameter into meters. Repeat this procedure for 10 different pairs of the current I and the diameter d . Coil current I (A) Circle diameter d (m) 2 0.060 1.9 0.065 1.8 0.0675 1.6 0.075 1.5 0.08 1.4 0.085 1.3 0.0925 1.2 0.10 1.1 0.11 1.0 0.115 After you’ve taken all your data, switch off everything: first turn the Helmholtz current control knob on the e / m apparatus all the way up and then turn down the current to zero
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using the knob on the power supply. After this, turn down the voltage to zero. Finally,
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Magnetic_Fields_and_Electric_Current-Template - Magnetic...

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