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a.) Taran et. al.(2009) showed that the essential oil of seeds and aerial parts of F. angulata carduchorum have antimicrobial activity against different infectious microbes. b.) The hypothesis of this experiment was to find out what the effects were of using this plant for medicinal purposes. c.) This study is important because F. angulata is an important medicinal plant of Iran, and the essential oil seeds have therapeutic effects. d.) For this experiment, the scientists took the leaves from the plant and extracted the
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Unformatted text preview: essential oils to see where the most concentration was in the plant. e.) The main result that was found was that most of the essential oil concentration was found in the seeds. The essential oil yields were 0.63% for aerial parts and 3.2% for seeds. f.) The main conclusion of this study is that to get the most medicinal use out of this plant, using the seeds is most beneficial....
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