UNIX 7 - 1 Network File Sharing Network File Sharing CNIT...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Network File Sharing Network File Sharing CNIT 34000 Lecture 7 UNIX File Transfer FTP File Transfer Protocol Uses TCP Provides user authentication In clear text TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol Uses UDP No user authentication SCP - Part of SSH (Secure Shell) Provides user authenticated Provides encryption for all traffic Also supports encrypted FTP SFTP UNIX File Sharing at a Glance NFS Network File System Used to share UNIX filesystems Clients for non-UNIX operating systems SAMBA UNIX implementation of Windows networking SMB Server Message Block UNIX machines emulate Windows machines Allows integration into Windows networks NFS NFS is a method to share filesystems across a network Literally shares the filesystem No additional services are added by default to support the network Background Originally developed by SUN Microsystems Part of the larger SUN ONC (Open Network Computing) architecture NIS is also part of ONC Currently supported by most operating system vendors UNIX Windows Macintosh Etc. Usually uses TCP/IP, although not strictly required NFS Authentication & Authorization User A&A No network specific user A&A provided by NFS Once mounted the export is treated as a local filesystem Owning UID/GID numbers remain the same If a remote file is owned by GID20 on the remote machine its owned by GID20 on the local machine UNIX hosts Use their local users to match the remote UID/GID Must match the remote system! Non-UNIX hosts Must map UIDs and GIDs to the local system Done by the local NFS client NFS Authentication & Authorization Machine A&A Exports specify which hosts can mount them Similar to a protocol specific firewall in concept Can be done by IP address or hostname Partial matches and wildcards can be used...
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UNIX 7 - 1 Network File Sharing Network File Sharing CNIT...

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