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UNIX 4 - DNS DNS servers/etc/resolv.conf nameserver x.y.z.q...

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1 Basic UNIX Basic UNIX Networking Networking CNIT 34000 – Lecture 4 Networking Basic Configuration Network interfaces are configured with ifconfig up down Adding IP addresses, masks, etc. Routing information set with route route add route delete etc. Configuration files Each UNIX flavor is potentially different /etc/init.d/network Parameters for ifconfig and route IP address Subnet mask Default gateway Etc. Name Resolution Setting hostname/FQDN ( server.cit.lcl ) /etc/hostname where the hostname is located server /etc/hosts where the FQDN is set localhost server.cit.lcl server can also contain IP addresses of machines not resolvable via
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Unformatted text preview: DNS DNS servers /etc/resolv.conf nameserver x.y.z.q domain search.list Name Resolution NIS/NIS+ Provides centralized authentication and name resolution Originally know as the SUN yellow pages (yp) A single master keeps track of all passwords for the group NIS+ is basically dead at this point, NIS is rapidly being replaced by… LDAP A newer method of centralized authentication Works with a directory service such as Active Directory or NetWare Directory Services Support is rapidly growing...
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