UNIX 3 - 1 UNIX Software UNIX Software Installation...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 UNIX Software UNIX Software Installation Installation CNIT 34000 Lecture 3 UNIX Software Installation There are two basic approaches to distributing UNIX software Source code distribution Pre-compiled package distribution Dependencies To work properly many applications depend on other applications being available This can lead to a series of required installations A requires B which requires C Managing application dependencies has traditionally been a huge headache in UNIX Fortunately this has gotten easier Software Installation - Compilation The most flexible method Can work on most UNIX distributions and hardware platforms The software is distributed as source code then compiled on the target machine Requires a compiler and support libraries be installed Most distributions will include a make file that automates the compilation and installation process make install Read the readme file first! Dependencies are still a manual task Unless the source code set contains the source for the required components Licensing issues can prevent this Software Installation - Compilation Distribution Source code is bundled in a tarball A file containing multiple files short for Tape Archive The tarball is usually compressed Typically with gzip (.gz) or bzip/bzip2 (.bz/.bz2) Installation Uncompress gunzip or bunzip/bunzip2 Expand tar xvf eXtract Verbose from File Gzipped files can be dealt with directly in tar...
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UNIX 3 - 1 UNIX Software UNIX Software Installation...

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