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Vanessa Jackson Extra Credit HA 390 During Dr. Rande's presentation I learned how much the hospitality industry could improve their economic footprint while increasing their profits. Sustainability isn’t just for tree huggers, it is the new and current trend. I am very passionate about trying to find new alternatives. Actually, my family recently started refusing being served to-go orders in Styrofoam. I think that if a company is offering eco- friendly in their services it will increase their sales. Customers are willing to pay for it because it has become a trend. Due to consumers becoming more environmental conscious, eco friendly business tactic differentiates the company from the market. There are companies that will certify a restaurant for being eco-friendly. This certification will attract more customers. Restaurants are huge energy wasters because most restaurants keep their machines running even when they are not in use. This is tough for the industry because they need to keep things running because
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Unformatted text preview: of business, however, there are ways to reduce their energy consumption, and save money. If restaurants take the proper steps, they can save a vast amount of money. The newer technology is allowing for equipment to start up fast, so therefore during the slower parts of the day they can be shut off, reducing their energy costs. Also, there are controversial topics if global warming is actually happening. Therefore, it is important for businesses to see their return on investment. Actually, I researched this theory and found out that our earth is tilting away from the sun. This action is actually supposed to mean that we are going into an ice age. However, our temperatures are extreme highs or extreme lows, which help support the global warming theory. Therefore, sustainability in corporate America is something that needs to be applied to our new developments....
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