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SampleFinal - MAE3310 – Thermodynamics I Instructor B Han...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE3310 – Thermodynamics I Instructor: B. Han 1m 1m Air Final Exam 8:00-10:30am (12/14/2006) 1. Air is contained in a frictionless piston-cylinder assembly with a set of stops as shown. The cross-sectional area of the piston is 0.1m 2 , and the air is initially at 200kPa, 500 ° C. The air is then cooled as a result of heat transfer to the surroundings. (a) What is the temperature of the air inside when the piston reaches the stops? (b) If the cooling is continued until the temperature reaches 20 ° C, what is the pressure inside the cylinder at this state? (c) Draw the pressure-volume diagram of this process. Assume the air in the cylinder as an ideal gas. 2. A piston-cylinder device contains helium gas initially at 150kPa, 30 ° C and 0.5m 3 . The helium is now compressed via a polytropic process (PV 1.6 =constant) to 400kPa and 140 ° C. The ideal gas constant of helium is 2.0769 kJ/kgK, and the specific heat at constant volume is 3.1156 kJ/kgK. Determine the heat loss or gain during this process. kJ/kgK....
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