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MMG 431 – Quiz 2 September 12, 2008 Use A – E to answer 1 – 6 . You decide if each answer is right once, more than once, or not at all. One bonus point! A. 5’ 3’ B. 3’ 5’ C. 2’ 3’ D. antiparallel E. parallel B 1. Direction of reading of the DNA template by DNA primase. A 2. Direction of synthesis of DNA by DNA polymerase I. A 3. Direction of degradation of primers by DNA polymerase I
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Unformatted text preview: during replication. B 4 . Direction of reading of template DNA strand by DNA polymerase III. B 5. Direction of removal of nucleotides by proofreading function of DNA polymerases. A 6. Direction of synthesis of Okazaki-fragment DNA by DNA polymerase III. W: 3.71 of 6 C: 2.73 of 6...
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