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Unformatted text preview: One bonus point MMG 431 - Quiz 6 October 27, 2008 W: 3.48 of 6 C: 3.00 of 6 Given below are the genotypes of six lac merodiploids, i.e., the mutant alleles of affected genes and sites are arranged either in the cis or the trans configuration. Allocate the appropriate phenotype, listed under A - D, to each genotype, listed under 1 - 6. Assume there is no glucose in the medium. A. Lac + inducible C. Lac PHENOTYPES B. Lac + constitutive D. Lac +, but repressed by lactose 1. lacI o+ Z lacI + o + Z + A 2. lacI S o + Z lacI + o+ C Z+ 3. lacI S o C Z + lacI + o + Z B 4. lacI rc o + Z lacI + o+ D Z+ 5. lacI rc o + Z lacI + oC B Z + 6. lacI + o C Z + lacI d o + Z B ...
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