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MMG 431 - Quiz 9 November 24 , 2008 Bacteriophages use different strategies to delay the expression of middle and late genes relative to the so-called early genes. Associate the phages listed under A - C with strategies listed under 1-5 . A 1. Production of a phage-specific ! factor for the transcription of late genes by a modified form of the host RNAP. C 2. Production of at least one transcription antitermination factor by early-gene transcription and translation.
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Unformatted text preview: A 3. Coupling of transcription to late-gene replication. A 4. Production of an anti-! 70 protein for transcription of the middle genes by ! 70 with a modified host RNAP. B 5. Production of a phage-specific RNA polymerase by translation of an early-gene transcript. A 6. Activation of middle genes for transcription by binding of a phage early protein, MotA, to " 30 sequences of promoters. A. T4 B. T7 C. # W: 2.75 of 6 C: 2.33 of 6...
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