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A. AsiA B. Shiga toxin C. CI D. Ung E. gpVIII F. UvrD G. MutS H. N D 1. Removes U from its deoxyribose when paired with G in DNA. E 2. M13 coat protein used for phage display of foreign proteins. F 3. A helicase involved in VSP and methyl-directed mismatch repair of DNA. A 4. Anti- σ 70 factor required for the transcription of T4 middle genes by a modified E. coli RNAP holoenzyme. G 5. A protein that binds to mismatched base pairs and recruits other proteins for VSP and methyl-directed DNA repair.
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Unformatted text preview: B 6. N-glycosylase that removes an A from eukaryotic 28S rRNA. H 7. Transcription factor required for λ "middle gene" expression. C 8. Protein that renders λ-lysogenic E. coli cells immune to lytic infection by λ and other closely-related bacteriophage. Match proteins A – H to their functions given under 1 – 8 MMG 431 – Quiz 10 (16 points, including 6 bonus points) December 5, 2008 W: 7.64 of 16 C: 6.76 of 16...
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