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Midterm Study Guide Looking At Dance/3027 Spring 2010 Masson Two Main Theories of Art - Cohen/Copeland reading 1) Imitation = representation = mimesis/mime – content creates form Aristotle Poetics , his book Know his theory of art and how it relates to representation Bases of representation of art. Content creates the form. Aristotle’s theory of representational art is art must be recognizable and distant What is Dance? Reading 2) Expression = embodiment = real Benedetto Croce Aesthetic, his book Know his theory: Immanentism – humans thought that are inherent coming f John Martin – Metakinesis- a visiral experience, people feel what’s going on Suzanne Langer - Gestural Emotion- throught gestural action spectator gets information. Know how the above relate to expression. Development of the modern theater – Susan Foster reading Greek Theater Orchestra—Place of dancing Theotron –place of seeing Know that in the Greek theater there was no separation between performer and spectator and why. IT was a visiral experience the movement was relevant to you. The performer were not objectified or relevant. Modern Theater Orchestra – how is it different from Greek—from place of dancing to pit Proscenium Stage, or simply Proscenium- a theater that has a stage for dancer Know the diagram of the proscenium stage Upstage, Downstage, Stage Right, Stage Lelt, wings Know what possibilities the proscenium offered choreographers It produces depth, center stage became important, performers could exit,
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Perspective painting ask Joy Filippo Brunelleschi – First painter in Renaissance Perspective Painting Major influence on the development of the modern theater Perspective Painting created depth, People became 3D , affected how we see ourselves Created a consciousness shift for humanity This coincided with the debate on whether the earth was flat or not Objectification of the performer With the proscenium, the separation between performer and spectator became complete. Dance became more specialized and the performer became very important
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LADmidtermstudyguide - Midterm Study Guide Looking At...

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