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Sample Job Duties for Community and Institutional Pharmacy Community Pharmacy Job Description: Under the direct supervision of a Pharmacist the Pharmacy Intern: 1. Receive prescriptions from patients 2. Verify patient information 3. Enter patient information and prescription into pharmacy computer system 4. Assist pharmacy in filling prescription 5. Present prescription for pharmacists final check 6. Counsel patients - students ability to counsel depends upon year in school 7. Maintain pharmacy inventory 8. Maintain and manages a cash drawer Answer telephone and refer calls
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Unformatted text preview: Hospital Pharmacy Job Description: Under the direct supervision of a pharmacist the pharmacy intern: 1. Run reports and fills inpatient cassettes 2. Prepare intravenous medications using proper sterile technique 3. Manufacture and compound pharmaceutical products 4. Requisition and replenish stock medications 5. Maintain any automated floor stock medication systems - Pyxsis 6. Perform various quality control tasks 7. Enter medication orders into pharmacy computer system 8. Answer telephone and refers calls...
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