RESUME WRITING ACTION VERB LIST - planned created devised...

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RESUME WRITING ACTION VERB LIST (a partial list) Remember : always use action verbs, not “duties included” or “responsible for”. Describe your duties and achievements as professionally and accurately as possible. COMMUNICATIONS acted as liaison correspond instructed negotiated referred advised counseled interpreted notified sold advocated demonstrated interviewed presented trained arbitrated displayed lectured promoted translated authored edited marketed publicized wrote commented guided mediated published consulted informed moderated recommended ADMINISTRATION administered determined implemented ordered regulated appointed directed initiated organized represented arranged dispatched instituted overhauled revamped completed dispensed issued oversaw reviewed conducted distributed launched prescribed routed consolidated eliminated managed presided selected contracted executed motivated provided supervised controlled founded obtained recruited supplied coordinated governed offered rectified terminated delegated headed opened referred broadened developed drafted initiated
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Unformatted text preview: planned created devised estimated invented prepared designed discovered improved modified produced proposed ANALYSIS amplified computed evaluated identified (needs) solved analyzed detected examined investigated studied calculated diagnosed forecasted programmed systemized complied differentiated formulated researched tested FINANCIAL/RECORDS MANAGEMENT audited collected invested minimized recorded allocated condensed inventoried monitored scheduled balanced documented listed processed tallied catalogued expedited logged procured traced charted guaranteed maximized purchased updated classified MANUAL assembled delivered modernized repaired rewired built installed navigated replaced trimmed constructed maintained operated restored GENERAL accomplished contributed increased provided strengthened achieved delivered initiated served transformed assisted expanded originated serviced utilized completed handled performed...
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RESUME WRITING ACTION VERB LIST - planned created devised...

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