Genetics Problem Set

Genetics Problem Set - Lab #11: GENETICS PRACTICE PROBLEMS...

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Lab #11: GENETICS PRACTICE PROBLEMS It is particularly important that you do these practice problems YOURSELF . While the explanation of the instructor may seem quite clear, we find that students who do not reason and write out these problems for themselves do poorly with them under examination conditions. The problems are arranged from easy to difficult. The approach to solving the problems and the principles of inheritance involved in each problem is much more important than attempts at memorizing the species and the characteristics. If you have difficulties, then pay particular attention to how your laboratory instructor reasons out a solution - this is more important than the "answer". These topics will be introduced in lecture and your instructor will tell you when you ought to be able to do certain problems. 1. In guinea pigs, rough coat (R) is dominant to smooth coat (r). A certain rough-coated guinea pig bred to a smooth one has eight rough and seven smooth offspring. What are the genotypes of the parents? Diagram the cross. 2. A purple-flowered Jimson weed when self-fertilized gives 30 purple-flowered and 9 white-flowered offspring. What can you conclude from this as to the inheritance of flower color in this species? What proportion of the purple-flower offspring may be expected to breed true to purple? 3.
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Genetics Problem Set - Lab #11: GENETICS PRACTICE PROBLEMS...

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