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ACS Grad Placement Exams ACS Graduate Placement Exams Louisiana State University Department of Chemistry Topics as Percentage of Exam Graduate students in the Department of Chemistry must display proficiency in at least three of the five major sub-disciplines of chemistry. Proficiency in a particular sub- discipline is judged either by scoring above the 60th percentile on a Placement Exam, or by earning a grade of B or better in a graduate-level course. A score below 60th percentile is not considered a failing grade; rather, it indicates that further work in that sub-discipline may be required, and a suitable graduate-level course will be suggested during advising. The five Placement Exams listed below are administered during Orientation Week. Each exam lasts about two hours, so the exam period extends over two days. The exams are based on the undergraduate curriculum endorsed by the American Chemical Society. It is
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Unformatted text preview: strongly suggested that you study your class notes and texts so that the score on each exam represents accurately your knowledge and training in that sub-discipline. (Total number of questions in parentheses) Analytical Chemistry (50) 26% Analytical Techniques 6% Data Analysis 12% Electrochemistry 8% Spectroscopy 6% Statistics 10% Stoichiometry 32% Titration Analysis Physical Chemistry (60) 33% Thermodynamics 33% Quantum Mechanics 33% Dynamics Organic Chemistry (70) 3% MO Theory 13% Molecular Structure 3% Nomenclature 60% Reaction 7% Spectroscopy 14% Structure Property Inorganic Chemistry (60) 10% Acid/Base Theory 7% Bioinorganic Chemistry 2% Boranes 2% Catalysis 7% MO Theory 13% Molecular Structure 7% Periodic Table 18% Reactions 12% Solid State 5% Spectroscopy 18% Transition Metal Chemistry Polymer Chemistry (45) 18% Mechanism 28% Properties 14% Reaction 40% Theory and Structure...
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