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Biology Notes Topic: Receptors 2 -The human ear Objectives: At the end of this topic, the students should be able to : 1. Describe the structure and functions of the human ear. 2. List the pathway of sound into the ears. 3. Describe the function of the cochlea 4. Describe the function of the semi-circular canals 5. Describe the function of the utriculus and sacculus. OUTER EAR (air-filled) pinna – collects sound waves auditory canal –directs sound waves on to the ear drum ear drum – separates the outer ear from the middle ear; vibrates when hit by sound waves MIDDLE EAR (air-filled) ossicles – three small bones which transmit and amplify vibrations of the ear drum eustachian tube – equalizes air pressure on both sides of the ear drum An air pressure difference especially at high altitudes causes discomfort in the ear and may even be painful. This can sometimes be alleviated by swallowing or by chewing and swallowing. This condition is very common when one flies in an aircraft. oval window – the base the stapes fits into the oval window and transmit vibrations from the ossicles to the inner ear INNER EAR (fluid-filled) semi –circular canals – helps to maintain balance cochlea – contains sensory cells which convert vibrations into impulses auditory nerve – transmit impulses from the ear to the brain round window – relieve pressure in the inner vibrations The main functions of the ear are for hearing and to maintain balance .
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Biol.notes%20-%20Receptors%202%20_The%20ear_ - Biology...

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