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Ken Smith 1/8/02 American History Article Review Douglas Brinkley , "Eisenhower the Dove" American Heritage , September 2001 In this article, Douglas Brinkley compares President Dwight Eisenhower (also known as “Ike,” who served in office from 1953 to 1961) to George Washington. Brinkley points out that both men were the leading generals of their respective wars: George of the Revolution War and Eisenhower of World War II. And as president, both men were concerned that America might be led into needless foreign wars. Both men left office with memorable speeches that contained grave warnings to their countrymen. Washington's speech dealt with the dangers of "foreign entanglements." Eisenhower dealt with the dangers of what he called "the military industrial complex." As president, Eisenhower was fiscally conservative. He introduced a policy that he called "the New Look." Under this plan, the US government would save money by relying mainly on nuclear-based defenses to guard against the Soviet Union. Troop numbers and conventional forces were cut back. But Ike was not weak on defense.
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