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Bringing Sociological Theory and Practice Together: A Pragmatic Solution Harry Perlstadt Michigan State University Sociological Perspectives , 1998. 41:2 268-271 In his conclusion, Professor Turner (Turner, 1998) recommends that sociology use its theoretical principles to explain how sociology works in order to close the schism between theory and practice. In this response, I will attempt to identify some existing sociological knowledge and theories that led to the program of work and standards of the Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology which Professor Turner mentioned in passing (Turner, 1998, p250). In addition, I will present some historical background that could help explain both the marginalization of sociological practice and the shunning of social engineering, and conclude with some pragmatic suggestions for integrated training in theory and practice. Applying Sociology of Professions By applying sociological theories and analyses of occupations and professions,
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