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Essay 2 Assignment Sheet Ainsworth English 1301 Fall 09 In Class October 19th Write an academic essay with a clear introduction, including a specific thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion on a smaller topic of your choice about learning and teaching . You must include at least one quotation in a meaningful way from one of the readings from The Norton Reader assigned from weeks 7 and 8 from the Education chapter. The essay should aim for unity, coherence, development using concrete examples, appropriate use of formal language and mechanical conventions. Paper Format: All papers are to be hand-written double-spaced. The mandatory heading, which follows
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Unformatted text preview: MLA, must be in the upper left-hand corner of first sheet, the title centered, the paragraphs indented as follows. A separate Work(s) Cited page must also be produced for the one reading you have quoted in your paper. Lastname 1 Student’s name English 1301, Assignment # Instructor’s Name Date Title of Essay Indent the first paragraph and every paragraph thereafter. Staple the paper only. There is no need for covers of any kind. Use quotations correctly. Joan Didion says “Marriage is a classic betrayal” (10) Lastname # Work Cited Joan, Didion. "On Going Home." 1966. The Norton Reader . 12th ed. New York: Norton, 2008. 9-12. Print....
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