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Essay 1 Assignment Sheet Ainsworth English 1301 Fall 09 In Class Wednesday, September 16 th So far in English 1301, we have discussed writing in various ways and read a variety of essays on important topics. The writers have made us think about a variety of experiences, ideas, emotions, etc. Now we must take what we have learned and try to write our own ideas using the works of others as a springboard. Write an academic essay with a clear introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion on a topic of your choice. You must include at least one quotation from one of the readings that have been assigned so
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Unformatted text preview: far in the course in a meaningful way. The essay should aim for unity, coherence, development, appropriate use of formal language and mechanical conventions. Paper Format: All papers are to be double-spaced. The mandatory heading, which follows MLA, must be in the upper left-hand corner of first sheet, the title centered, the paragraphs indented as follows: Student’s name English 1301, Assignment # Instructor’s Name Date Title of Essay Indent the first paragraph and every paragraph thereafter. Staple the paper only. There is no need for covers of any kind....
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