CMP_328_Quiz - CMP 3281 Lecture Quiz Week #1 1. BIM very...

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CMP 328 Lecture Quiz 1 Week #1 1. BIM very simply is “A digital representation of the Physical & functional character- istics of a building that is shared /used by all stakeholders to eliminate waste and in- crease efficiency.” 2. A basic premise of BIM is collaboration by different stakeholders at different phases of the life cycle of a facility to insert, extract, update or modify information in the BIM process to support and reflect the roles of that stakeholder. 3. The BIM is a shared digital representation founded on open standards for interoperab- ility. 4. One of the barriers for BIM is there is a learning curve. 5. The two greatest BIM benefits are improved communication & improved collabora- tion. 6. One of the current problems in construction industry is Construction is a $4.8T In- dustry Worldwide. Week #2 7. The five different parties involved in a Building Information Model are owners, facil- ities managers, CM, Architects, Engineers. 8. For construction managers BIM is all about 3D coordination, 4D scheduling, 5D es- timating. 9.
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CMP_328_Quiz - CMP 3281 Lecture Quiz Week #1 1. BIM very...

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