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CMP 385 Contracts Assignment #1 15 Points Reading for week (from course outline) Sweet Text- Preface, chapter 8, chapter 17, **** Be prepared to discuss Broadway Maintenance v Rutgers in class 1. In less than half a type written page describe the big lesson that owners and contractors can take from the Broadway Maintenance v. Rutgers which is described in Chapter 17. Provide a brief intro statement about the case in paragraph 1 and then your discussion in paragraph 2.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Go to Lexus Nexis and find one construction related case of your choice that was decided by the Michigan Supreme court. Write a one paragraph summary. Print the cover page and attach to your paragraph. 3. Transmit your homework with a business style letter format. (Sample issued in class) Due January 20 in class. ***** this homework should be done individually*****...
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