Untitled 2 - Work Category No 24 Painting Vinyl Wall...

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Work Included: Complete all Painting and Vinyl Wall Covering work in accordance with the contract documents (including Contract Forms, General Conditions, Supplemental Conditions, General Require- ments, etc.), Addenda, Specification Sections: Division 1 General Requirements 07900 Joint Sealers 09720 09900 Including but not limited to the following: 1. Extent of painting and vinyl wall covering is shown on drawings and schedules. 2. All work to be performed during regular working hours. 3. Include all layout and controls related to painting and wall coverings. 4. Contractor must comply with all additional requirements contained within this bid. 5. Work includes painting and finishing of interior and exterior surface as indicated. 6. Contractor is responsible to clean area and remove and properly dispose of all debris off site. 7. Painting of mechanical / electrical work is specified in divisions 15 and 16. 8. Do not paint over code required labels or equipment name, rating, performance plates. 9. Be in full compliance with all safety regulations and requirements under the OSHA, MI- OSHA, the state authorities, local authorities, and the CM. Failure to do so will cause the con-
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Untitled 2 - Work Category No 24 Painting Vinyl Wall...

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