mjb08a_E71_RETURNED - $(607.00) $(584.00) Gross Domestic...

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1. Using formulas on the Perfect Tab fill in the white background portion of the table.
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GDP Sum of Final Demands Item Nominal Real Personal Consumption (C) $8,229.00 $7,632.00 Gross Private Investment (I) $1,927.00 $1,844.00 Government Purchases (G) $2,184.00 $1,947.00 Exports (X) $1,175.00 $1,120.00 Imports (IM) $1,782.00 $1,704.00 Net Exports (X-IM)
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Unformatted text preview: $(607.00) $(584.00) Gross Domestic Product (Y) $11,733.00 $10,839.00 Deflator 1.08 nominal/deflator*100=real nominal/real/100=deflator Key 9370affde322f57ea133b5ee53f561f4a Student ID 000425711 First Name Matthew Last Name Brown Email mjb08a@acu.edu Assignment E71 Assignment Assignment E71 Excel Activity...
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mjb08a_E71_RETURNED - $(607.00) $(584.00) Gross Domestic...

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