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CS174A – Fundamentals of Database Systems (Winter 2007) Homework #1 Solutions 1. Key differences in maintaining data in DBMS vs. File systems are: DBMS File System Data Independence Database provides an abstract view of the data to applications/users. Details such as representation of data, storage system etc. is hidden from the application/user accessing the data Programs/users accessing the data have to know about the underlying representation and storage mechanisms. Special programs must be written to answer a particular question about the data. Efficient Data Access DBMS uses specialized techniques (hidden from the user) to store and retrieve data efficiently even if the data is stored on external devices. We can easily have databases that utilize more than 4GB memory on a 32- bit architecture system. All the data needs to be in memory to refer to it. 32-bit computer systems cannot access more than 4 GB data for a given program. Storage and retrieval details are not hidden from the
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cs174a-HW1-part1-solutions - CS174A Fundamentals of...

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