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Alexander Hyatt 9 – 26 – 06 English 103 026 Privacy is a big concern amongst Americans and has been a controversial issue amongst Americans in recent years. Most of the issues have been spawned by reactions to the terrorist attacks, in particular, never allowing an event like September 11 to happen again. But another issue that has been important to people for about the last 20 years is computer privacy. Computer privacy has been an issue for many people for years with all of the hacking and other invasive maneuvers people can do on it. Computers can be hacked much easier than people think which is bad since computers often store important information (Gafinkel 5). A recent example is within the last 2 months or so, there was a leak of several hundreds of thousands of military personnel’s social security information. The information was available online and many people could have easily have tried to steal that information from them. Although internet privacy should be important to everyone who uses the internet, my main audience is the age group consisting of teenagers and young adults. I want them to understand the unseen dangers of the internet and the general lack of privacy on the internet. My main concern is with the privacy of online communities for the age group of early teenagers to young adults. This age group is the main group that functions in the online communities such as: myspace, facebook, and other chat programs or communities (AIM, yahoo, etc.). Also, they are the main users of the downloading programs such as: Limewire, KaZaa, etc. This group has been specifically targeted by hackers; different levels of perverted, deranged men; spy ware,
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spam and other detrimental advertising software; and even governing bodies such as a university or government agency. Both facebook and myspace are online communities mainly occupied by the teenager to young adult. These mediums sponsor a new way for people to meet each other that would not meet each other, other wise. But a somewhat hidden feature of the communities is that it also provides a way for deranged individuals such as pedophiles and stalkers to harass individuals. Facebook made this even more of a problem when they created the newsfeed feature for their website. Newsfeed is a feature that allows for
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Community Essay Final Draft - Alexander Hyatt 9 26 06...

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