A simple telephone is really made up of three parts

A simple telephone is really made up of three parts - the...

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A simple telephone is really made up of three parts: a switch, speaker and a microphone. The main job of the switch is to connect and disconnect from the network. The speaker is so that the user can hear the other person, while the microphone allows the user to speak to the other person. Most modern telephones, however, are somewhat more complicated. In addition to the above parts, the telephone for this project will also include a keypad, duplex coil, ringer, circuits, and a body. For this project, we will be designing a modern telephone. For a simple phone model, if the hook switch is tapped four times, it is equivalent of dialing four on the keypad of a modern phone. The keypad in a modern phone has circuits underneath which convert the button pressed into a certain frequency. This frequency can be heard on the headset, letting the user know of their selection. Also, when the user dials a certain number, the phone’s circuits converts that number into a certain number of taps on
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Unformatted text preview: the hook switch, which sends the information through wires to the telephone company. The telephone company then takes over, and connects to the desired telephone number. When a call is made to a telephone, the set on the other end has circuits that activate a ringer. A very simple telephone set can have wires going directly to the ringer to set it off (as shown in the picture). When the call is answered, the circuits shut off the ringer and activate the microphone and speaker of the handset. This allows the user to communicate with the person on the other end of the line. The problem with the simple telephone set was that, when talking to the someone, the user could also hear him/herself since his/her telephone and the other person’s telephone forms a closed loop when connected. To make sure that the user cannot hear him/herself, modern telephones utilize a duplex coil (or something similar) to negate this effect....
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A simple telephone is really made up of three parts - the...

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