Part 1 sample - works. You may include sketches to help...

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Engineering (1C03) Design and Graphics Cornerstone Project: Part 1: Design Review Report Group Number:________ Statement of Academic Integrity As a future member of the engineering profession, the student is responsible for performing the required work in an honest manner, without plagiarism and cheating. By entering my name and submitting this work, I am stating that this work is my own and adheres to the Academic Integrity Policy of McMaster University and the Code of Conduct of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Entering your name and student number below is an acceptance of this policy. Submitted by [Full name, student number, and signature] Member 1:__________________________________________________________________________ Member 2:__________________________________________________________________________ Member 3:__________________________________________________________________________ Date:
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Engineering Design and Graphics 1C03 Cornerstone Project Part 1 Overview In this section your group presents a technical explanation of how your product mechanically
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Unformatted text preview: works. You may include sketches to help illustrate your explanation. Ensure you reference your sources. This section must be between 1 ro 2 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margin, 11-pt font. Product Number of Parts and a List of Part Names, Materials and Volumes We estimate our assigned product to have <insert number> parts. In a table, list the part names, proposed materials and estimated volumes. Gantt Chart There are a number of applications that will assist in creating Gantt charts. There is an example of using a spreadsheet posted on WebCT. The example posted is using a stacked bar chart to create the Gantt ( You may adapt the sample posted for your report. Your Gantt must provide all proposed tasks and a timeline for all tasks required to complete the project. (see posted spreadsheet file) References Include references here....
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Part 1 sample - works. You may include sketches to help...

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