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Part Names Proposed Materials Estimated Volumes plastic 10% Microphone Permanent magnets(neodymium iron boron compound) 2.5% Speaker magnets 2.5% Hookswitch Chrome 2.5% Handset plastic 20% Handset cords Plastic, copper 5% Circuit board Silicon 5% ringer copper 2.5% Receiver Plastic 15% Phone Base Plastic 55% Explanation: The detailed parts inside the microphone are very complicate. We cannot provide each of them but the magnets can be the biggest part to make a microphone. Same thing as the speaker. The handset cords have to parts, the copper wire and the plastic protector
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Unformatted text preview: around it. The major material of a circuit board is slicon. The phone base and the receiver are not considered as one part, they are separated. The receiver is plastic because the speaker and the microphone are not being considered as the parts of it. References:
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