Week 8 Activity - Goran Krstevski Monday, 10 May 2010...

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Goran Krstevski Monday, 10 May 2010 PRIVATE SECTOR PRIVACY IN A CHANGING WORLD CLASS ACTIVITY Introduction Privacy is often taken for granted and we are not noticing it till it is gone or have been breached. But the fact is that the privacy is an integral part of our day to day existence. Privacy is not an absolute right and the Privacy Act that have been introduced in Australia in 1988 recognises that privacy needs to be balanced against other competing interests including the desirability of the free flow of information and the recognition of the right of government and business to achieve their objectives in an efficient way. The Act is about balance and that is the way everyone should at least try to comprehend and accept the Privacy Issues. The Privacy Act covers all of us within Australia. Almost every Australian Citizen interacts with the health sector, the financial sector, the ATO, Medicare or indeed has a mobile phone. The legislation protects personal information that is handled by Australian and ACT Government agencies, private sector organisations and all health service providers. The Act is ‘principles based’. There are 11 Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) for Australian and ACT Government agencies, and 10 National Privacy Principles (NPPs) for business. As the Act is principled based, rather than prescriptive or black letter law, this means that each and every one of us should try to accept that in today rapidly changing technological era we are living in, the privacy is not something that we can absolutely achieve. There is no way that we can have complete control over our privacy, therefore, the sooner we realize and accept that, the sooner we can adjust and organise our lives around the fact that as the Chief Officer of Sun Microsystems famously proclaimed back in 1999 that “You have zero privacy anyway, get over it! We have all witnessed how for example instantaneous photographs in the glitzy magazines
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Week 8 Activity - Goran Krstevski Monday, 10 May 2010...

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