Spring 2010 Practice Exam 4

Spring 2010 Practice Exam 4 - Practice Exam 4 Spring 2010...

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Practice Exam 4 Spring 2010 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. In learning theory, when a behavioral response becomes weaker after an individual observes a model being punished for the same behavior, the process at work is referred to as: a. vicarious punishment b. vicarious reinforcement c. second-order conditioning d. systematic desensitization ____ 2. Comparison of free-recall and cued-recall performance suggests that most memory failures are due to: a. information no longer being in memory due to decay b. a failure to use an appropriate retrieval cue c. information no longer being in memory due to interference d. repression of the information so that it cannot be brought to consciousness ____ 3. Remembering a list of numbered rhymes, such as one is bun, two is shoe, and using the rhyming words to cre- ate interactive images to assist later recall, is a mnemonic device known as: a. the method of loci b. acoustic enhancement c. context-specific processing d. the pegword method ____ 4. One piece of evidence that would support the decay theory of memory would be finding that: a. some memories fade more quickly than others b. memories that have been "lost" sometimes reappear in different testing conditions c. all memories tend to fade at the same rate d. it takes less time to relearn material when it has already been memorized once ____ 5. Tonya was playing backgammon and she needed to roll a pair of sixes on her next throw of the dice in order to win the game. She shook the dice three times in her right hand, blew on them once, and rolled. When the dice fell, they landed with double sixes facing up. Now Tonya always shakes the dice three times and blows on them before she rolls, and about 15% of the time, she rolls doubles of some number. Based on what is known about operant conditioning, you should conclude that Tonya's behavior best illustrates the concept known as: a. adventitious reinforcement
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b. successive approximations c. classical conditioning d. the Premack principle
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Spring 2010 Practice Exam 4 - Practice Exam 4 Spring 2010...

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