Spring 2010 Practice Exam 5

Spring 2010 Practice Exam 5 - Practice Exam 5 Spring 2010...

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Practice Exam 5 Spring 2010 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The sentence "The cautious the barked nasty at man poodle," would be difficult for an English speaker to un- derstand because the structure violates the rules of English: a. phonology b. morphology c. syntax d. pragmatics ____ 2. The word "logs" contains: a. 4 phonemes and 1 morpheme b. 2 phonemes and 4 morphemes c. 2 phonemes and 2 morphemes d. 4 phonemes and 2 morphemes ____ 3. Kendra only classifies an animal as a fish if it swims, lays eggs, and has gills. She considers these necessary features that all fish must have. In this case, Kendra's categorization method uses: a. family resemblance b. defining features c. prototypes d. exemplars ____ 4. Bruno decides if a food is a fruit by comparing it to an apple, which he believes is the best example of a fruit. In this case, Bruno's categorization method uses the: a. prototype method b. defining features method c. family resemblance method d. exemplar method ____ 5. Gloria is in search for her passion in life. Gloria's search qualifies as: a. an ill-defined problem b. a heuristic c. an algorithm d. a well-defined problem
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____ 6. One of Malia's old high school friends just arrived from out of town and called to ask if his family could "drop by" for a visit. It's nearly suppertime, and now Malia has to come up with a way to feed five unexpected
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Spring 2010 Practice Exam 5 - Practice Exam 5 Spring 2010...

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