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SyllabusMWF2010section 4 - PSYC102:Intoduction to...

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PSYC102:Intoduction to Psychology -- Spring 2010 Section 04 – Meeting time: MWF 9:00-9:50 Room 110, Psych/Math Building Nairne, James S. Psychology: The Adaptive Mind. Custom Edition for Northern Illinois University (5 th Ed.). Wadsworth Publishing Instructor: Emmett McGinley Email: [email protected] Office: 319 PM Purpose of course: Survey of basic psycho-physiological principles of human behavior, including the roles of heredity, environment, development, sensory processes, perception, motivation, and emotions. Class Sessions: Regular attendance is expected. The course is designed so that class sessions support material presented in the textbook. In fact, the Departmental Exams are based entirely on the textbook; whereas, lecture quizzes will only cover material presented in class. Changes to the course will typically be announced in class. There are always some changes that need to be made – you’ll miss them if you don’t attend. Departmental exams: The four non-cumulative exams will be given during the semester. Each exam will contain 50 multiple choice questions. Although exam attendance is mandatory, events may arise that prevent you from making it to the exam. The final exam time schedule for this class section is exclusively for students to take make-up exams. It is strongly recommended that you only take one make-up. Past experience has shown that students perform poorly when taking multiple make-up exams at once. In fact, if you miss more than two exams, it is strongly recommended that you withdraw from the course. Lecture quizzes:
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SyllabusMWF2010section 4 - PSYC102:Intoduction to...

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