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1 The University of Hong Kong Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science STAT0302 Business Statistics Example Class 8 1. A detergent packaging machine produces at 14 independent operations packets with the following quantities (in grams): 200 204 207 204 199 200 203 203 197 201 206 204 202 205 It is known that the population of packet weights has a normal distribution with mean . (a) Obtain an unbiased estimate of the population mean . (b) Determine a 95% confidence interval for . (c) Using the confidence interval, is there any statistical evidence to suggest that , the mean packet weight of the process, is not equal to 204g at significance level 0.05 ? 2. A study was conducted by the Florida Game and Fish Commission to assess the amount of chemical residues found in the brain tissue of brown pelicans. In a test for DDT, random samples of 10 juveniles and 13 nestlings gave the results shown in the table below (measurements in parts per million). Juveniles Nestlings 1 10 n 2 13 n 0.041
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