226papill - Papillomaviruses Include STD Viruses...

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Papillomaviruses- Include STD Viruses Papovavirus (PApilloma, POlyoma, VAcuolating) virus family Large group of viruses that infects humans, other primates, mice, cattle, birds, fish, etc. DNA virus; no envelope Cannot culture them in cell (tissue) culture DNA is cloned and used in hybridization studies to determine what virus is seen Human Papillomaviruses (HPV)- species specific (e.g. humans to humans only) Encountered by direct contact with lesions from infected individuals Causes warts in various locations, of varying concern on skin and mucous membranes Ano-genital warts an STD that is increasing in incidence faster than HSV Warts of the uterine cervix can be a great problem Some of the HPV types that cause cervical warts (HPV 16 and 18)can cause dysplasia or even cervical carcinoma (evidence is that 80% of cervical carcinomas contain HPV DNA) There can be both a “lytic” infection with much virus produced, and a persistent infection which can lead to “oncogenic host cell transformation”, the first step to tumorigenesis
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226papill - Papillomaviruses Include STD Viruses...

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